“For best results, mattresses should be replaced every 8 years” — I recently saw an ad with this copy in a window of a mattress store near my home. My immediate reaction was amazement at my ignorance. I had no idea what the useful life of a mattress is or… Continue Reading A healthy skepticism

I had wanted to write something smart tonight. The topic was all picked out, I had researched it, and I’d even thought of an anecdote about how it related to my life. Then I started writing it and the wheels came off. I tried dozens of different approaches, variations, and… Continue Reading Acknowledge then correct; skip the judgment

The room was quiet and the music soothing. After 50 minutes of flowing from pose to pose in a room approaching 95°F, the class collectively sank into matts and savored the respite. Everything was as it should be. Then a sneeze filled the air and the peace shattered, temporarily at least. Jolted out of my… Continue Reading Sneezes, meetings, and Kitty Genovese