These past few weeks have been a lot for me. I’ve felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed, isolated and crowded, confident and unsure. The roller coaster has me completely off balance and mostly, I just feel confused about what I’m doing and why. One thing has been clear, however: I’m accumulating obligations… Continue Reading Media diet

The room was quiet and the music soothing. After 50 minutes of flowing from pose to pose in a room approaching 95°F, the class collectively sank into matts and savored the respite. Everything was as it should be. Then a sneeze filled the air and the peace shattered, temporarily at least. Jolted out of my… Continue Reading Sneezes, meetings, and Kitty Genovese

Coming into 2015, I promised myself that I would read more than I did the year before. I was achieved this goal, but I finished was no where near where I wanted to be. Completing just 12 books in 2015, I have once again challenged myself to increase that number.… Continue Reading Brief thoughts on reading and note taking

[kad_youtube url=”” width=516 height=350 ] “For the rest of our lives, we will always be one pot of coffee ahead.” “Until that day when I make a pot of coffee that neither of us will ever drink.    

“Who would buy a car programmed to sacrifice the owner?” [1] What I love about this question is that it gets at two conflicting priorities – situations in which it might make sense to kill a consumer and determining the demand for such a product. The initial research on the… Continue Reading Who would buy a car programmed to sacrifice the owner?

Graham Allison’s article “The Thucydides Trap: Are the U.S. and China headed for War?” published in this month’s Atlantic reviews the rise of China in the context of other rising nations and the challenges they pose to incumbents. Notably, he points out that the mere presence of a challenger can… Continue Reading Reaction: The Thucydides Trap: Are the U.S. and China Headed for War?

  In his article summarizing the work of Johannes Stroebel and Joseph S Vavra, “When Housing Prices Rise, So Do Retail Prices,” Hintze writes: Higher home prices lead to higher household spending, according to recent academic research. But New York University’s Johannes Stroebel and Chicago Booth’s Joseph S. Vavra argue… Continue Reading Reaction: “When Housing Prices Rise, So Do Retail Prices”