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Improvements in cable management

August 31, 2018

Spend enough time looking at pictures of desks and you’ll realize that despite all of the electronics, there are terribly few wires on display.

After working from home for nearly 3 years, I finally upgraded from my kitchen table to a desk. This of course meant that I was on the hunt for a cable management solution.

I don’t know how I found these Velcro One-Wrap Ties but when I’m sure glad I did.

I was prepared to use zip-ties, but the thing about this Velcro version is that they’re so easily adjustable that you can use them to wrap up cords for storage.

It may not be quite as successful as Velcro’s Hook and Loop product (See a message from the Velcro lawyers here: Don’t Say Velcro), but it sure is a nice sustaining innovation.

Also, this morning I found a follow up to the great Don’t Say Velcro video where the Velcro lawyers are back to say,Thank You For Your Feedback.

Stephen Weiss

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