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Adding Prettier To A Project

September 07, 2019

The steps to adding Prettier to a project are very simple:

  1. Install Prettier (npm i --save-dev prettier)
  2. Create a .prettierrc file in the root directory
  3. Add an empty object {} to the .prettierrc file -> this imports the default prettier configurations

Helpful scripts

"scripts": {
  "format": "prettier --write \"src/**/*.{js, jsx, css,json} \"",
  "format:check": "prettier --list:different \"src/**/*.{js, jsx, css,json} \""

The former can be used if the editor is not configured to format on save. The latter is something that can be used with a CI tool like Travis / CircleCI to throw an error if the code is not formatted

Preferred Setup In VSCode

In VSCode open up settings.json - the JSON file that stores all of your custom settings for VSCode

Make sure the following two lines are present:

"prettier.requireConfig": true,
"editor.formatOnSave": true,

The former simply requires that there is a .prettierrc file in the application’s root directory. The latter is a preference of mine to apply prettier on save - rather than waiting for a git commit or to run the format script.

Alternative Formats

While I prefer to use just a .prettierrc file which can be written in YAML or JSON, it’s also possible to use .toml or .js.

The Prettier site has a helpful page for how to set these other formats up.1


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