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January 08, 2020

Useful Tools For Colors

I’ve been working on putting together a new theme for my website. In the process, I decided that I wanted to avoid the edges of the color box (i.e. no pure white or black) while supporting a light mode and a dark mode.

That meant I needed a way to come up with complementary colors as well as the inverse.

While sites like coolors.co are great for coming up with a nice set of colors, they’re less helpful when you have a specific color and you’re looking for it’s inverse.

Pinetools.com, on the other hand, has a bunch of tools for exactly these types of purposes. The color tools include:

  • Lighten Color
  • Darken Color
  • Change Color Saturation
  • GreyScale/Desatureate A Color
  • Invert A Color
  • Random Color Generator
  • Blend Color
  • Gradient Generator
  • Shift Hue of A Color
  • Triad Color Scheme
  • Tetrad Color Scheme
  • Complementary Color
  • Split Complementary Colors
  • Analogous Color Scheme
  • Monochormatic Colors Generator
  • Square Color Scheme
  • Image Color Picker
  • Get Colors From Image

I haven’t tried them all, but the invert and complementary color tools worked like a charm!

Thanks to Sung M. Kim as I found pinetools when looking through his website’s source code

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